The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) is an independent Commonwealth agency. We detect, investigate and report on serious or systemic corruption in the Commonwealth public sector. We also educate the public service, and the public, about corruption risks and prevention. The NACC mission is to enhance integrity in the Commonwealth public sector by deterring, detecting and preventing corrupt conduct involving Commonwealth public officials through education, monitoring, investigation, reporting and referral.

We operate under the National Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2022 which defines our jurisdiction and what corrupt conduct is.

Our independence from government means the government is not able to tell the NACC what to investigate, or how to do its job.

The NACC investigates allegations of serious or systemic corrupt conduct within the Commonwealth public sector. This includes conduct that occurred before or after it was established.

The NACC can investigate conduct of: 

  • any person that adversely affects a public official’s honest or impartial exercise of powers or performance of official duties
  • a public official that involves a breach of public trust
  • a public official that involves abuse of office
  • a public official or former public official that involves the misuse of documents or information they have gained in their capacity as a public official. 

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Public officials include ministers, parliamentarians and their staff, and staff members of Commonwealth agencies. Staff members of Commonwealth agencies include individuals employed by or engaged in assisting the agency, and contracted service providers under Commonwealth contracts administered by the agency.

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Organisational structure

Flow chart: 5 statutory officers sit at the top, with the CEO and 3 Deputy Commissioners sitting under the Commissioner. Sitting under the CEO are 6 General Managers overseeing: Enabling Services, Evaluation, Media, Communications, Corruption Prevention and Education, Operational Capabilities and Operations and the Governance team.
NACC Organisational Chart
An overview of the National Anti-Corruption Commission organisational structure
NACC leadership
Read about the inaugural NACC Commissioner, Deputy Commissioners and CEO.