The Commonwealth Integrity Maturity Framework provides information to support entities to design, implement and review the effectiveness of their integrity frameworks so that they are tailored to their risk profiles, size and contexts.

The following suite of products have been produced to support the Framework.

8 integrity principles and maturity indicators

The Integrity Maturity Framework is a set of 8 integrity principles, that are derived from the key Commonwealth integrity laws, policies and procedures.

Each principle:

  • summarises the corresponding governance obligations and controls
  • is accompanied by a 4-level maturity scale, with each level building on the previous level

8 integrity principles and maturity indicators

Self-assessment guide and FAQs 

The Self-assessment guide and FAQs provides guidance for entities to undertake a self-assessment of their integrity maturity, by interpreting and applying the most appropriate indicators and indices.

Integrity maturity self-sssessment guide and FAQs

Report: Towards Integrity Maturity

This report is provided as a useful reference for agencies to understand the various aspects of the Commonwealth integrity landscape. It describes the roles of the Commonwealth integrity agencies and the wide range of integrity-related laws, policies and procedures that govern the actions of Commonwealth officials and entities. 

Towards Integrity Maturity: Mapping the Commonwealth Integrity Landscape