This report describes the roles of the Commonwealth integrity agencies and the wide range of integrity-related laws, policies and procedures that govern the actions of Commonwealth officials and entities. It is provided as a reference for agencies to understand the various aspects of the commonwealth integrity landscape.

Multi-agency integrity approach

The Commonwealth Government uses a multi-agency approach to promote integrity, transparency and accountability and to prevent corruption, fraud and misconduct. Alongside the NACC, key entities with integrity-related functions include:

Specialist governance bodies and Inspectors-General

Integrity in the Commonwealth is also served by bodies to oversee specific sectors, including 5 Inspectors-General:

Networks and communities of interest

Under the multi-agency approach to good governance and integrity, cooperation between agencies is promoted through various fora, including the:

  • Integrity Agencies Group (IAG)
  • Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Forum (CJLEF)
  • Commonwealth Risk Managers Forum and the Commonwealth Senior Officers Fraud Forum (CSOFF)
  • Counter Fraud Reference Group (CFRG)
  • Fraud Prevention and Fraud Detection and Measurement Communities of Practice

Integrity arrangements for key workforce sectors

The Commonwealth’s approach to promoting integrity varies by entity type and category of employment.

These include employees engaged under the Public Service Act, staff subject to the enabling legislation of Corporate Commonwealth entities (CCEs) and non-corporate Commonwealth Entities (NCEs), parliamentary staff and contractors.

Australian Public Service Values

The APS Values articulate the Parliament's expectations of public servants in terms of performance and standards of behaviour. The principles of good public administration are embodied in the APS Values. The APS Values require behaviour and performance that is:

  • Impartial
  • Committed to service
  • Accountable
  • Respectful
  • Ethical

Codes of conduct and duties of officials

Several frameworks govern the conduct and duties of officials in Commonwealth departments and entities, depending on relevant governing legislation, regulations, and employment sector, as summarised below.

  • Australian Public Service (APS) Code of Conduct
  • Conduct and duties of officials under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act (PGPA Act)
  • Non-corporate Commonwealth entities, parliamentary staff, Defence Force personnel and Federal Police
  • Codes of conduct for Ministers and ministerial staff

Mandatory integrity responsibilities

  • Leadership obligations
  • Organisational obligations

Integrity policies and procedures

  • Manage conflicts of interest
  • Gifts and benefits
  • Hospitality, entertainment and sponsored travel
  • Political activity
  • Ethics and probity in procurement
  • Integrity advice and guidance
  • Measuring, monitoring and reporting on integrity performance