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From 1 July to close of business on Monday 18 September 2023, the Commission received 971 referrals.

Assessment of referrals

Assessment is a process by which the Commission considers, first, whether the referral is in its jurisdiction and raises a corruption issue (which we call triaging) and, secondly, whether and if so how to investigate the issue raised by the referral.

Since 1 July 2023, 325 referrals have been excluded at the triage stage because they do not involve a Commonwealth public official or do not raise a corruption issue.

238 referrals are pending triage.
159 referrals are currently in active triage.
158 referrals are currently under assessment.

The Commission’s assessment policy is available on its website at How the NACC assesses corruption issues.


The number of preliminary investigations remains at 5. A preliminary investigation helps the Commission decide whether there is a corruption issue that should be further investigated. The Commission can use some of its investigatory powers in a preliminary investigation, such as compelling the provision of information or documents.

To date, the Commission has opened 3 investigations.

As reported last week, the Commission continues to work on 6 active investigations inherited from the former Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity.

The Commission does not comment on the subject matter of ongoing investigations as it may impact on operational activities.

Making a report

The Commission is appreciative of the high level of interest and referrals it has received so far. We will continue to reach out to individual referrers where we need additional information, or to let them know if we have decided not to proceed further.

If you wish to make a report about a corruption issue in the Commonwealth public sector, visit or call 1300 489 844.