Media Alert

Operational activity 

As at 10 July 2024, the National Anti-Corruption Commission (the Commission): 

  • is conducting 28 preliminary investigations 
  • is conducting 27 corruption investigations, including 7 joint investigations 
  • is overseeing or monitoring 19 investigations by other agencies 
  • has 5 matters before the court 
  • has 312 referrals pending assessment. 

Over the period from 1 July 2024 to midnight Sunday 7 July 2024, the Commission: 

  • received 35 referrals 
  • excluded 5 referrals at triage stage 
  • opened 1 and closed 2 preliminary investigations 
  • opened 1 new investigation. 

For figures from the previous financial year to 30 June 2024, including full number of referrals received, please view last week’s media alert

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Corruption prevention and education 

In the 2023-24 financial year, the Commission delivered 124 presentations to stakeholders across the Commonwealth public sector, including parliamentarians, agency heads and senior public servants, departmental and agency staff, civil society organisations and professional associations. 

Corruption prevention and education are fundamental to the work of the Commission, alongside its mission to deter and detect serious and systemic corrupt conduct. Our corruption prevention and education agenda is focussed on enhancing integrity in the Commonwealth public sector, by: 

  • building resistance in those who might be exposed to potentially corrupting individuals and influences – essentially, decision-makers – with the wherewithal to recognise and resist them 
  • encouraging individuals who may become aware of corrupt conduct to report it, and to ensure they know how to do so, and of their rights and protections 
  • instilling a culture in which corrupt conduct is considered unacceptable and not tolerated by individuals, institutions and communities. 

The current focus of the Commission’s outreach and education work is ethical decision-making, to support decision-makers to act ethically in circumstances where they may be exposed to many pressures.